Lotus Dairy announces to give Rs. 20 on return of 1kg of its empty plastic pouches


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Lotus Dairy vows on reducing plastic milk-packaging trash; offers hefty exchange value

Jaipur, With the coming of an age of environment concerned voices,Lotus Dairy has announced a campaign geared towardsrecyclingplastic milk packaging, with an aimto create a plastic-free environment. The company will create awareness among public about the ill effects of plastic trash and why there is a urgent need for recycling. Under the campaign, Lotus Dairy is inviting its customers to return their empty plastic packages of milk, curd, buttermilk, etc., which will then be recycled after collection. In order to encourage return of these pouches, company is offering luring reward of Rs. 20 per Kg to its customers.
According to CPCB, India generates around 26,000 tonnes of plastic in a day and 10,000 tonnes of that does not even get collected. It is this plastic which ends up polluting land, oceans and seas. In the last 70 years, over 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic has been produced and 80 percent of it remains uncollected because of its single use properties. Around 13 million tonnes of plastic is added to the ocean every year.
Mr. Anuj Modi, Director, Lotus Dairy, says, “It is essential to take a step forward to deal with the environmental crisis. Companies who produce huge amounts of plastic should particularly take responsibility and help out to deal with the issue in whatever way they can. Through this campaign, we aim to recycle as much plastic we produce. Lotus Dairy being a responsible dairy pledges that it’s plastic wouldn’t play part in polluting the land and ocean. Lotus wants to put a stop to contributing in any way towards causing waste pollution. Above all, the campaign evokes the potential power of recycling plastic pouches for the better tomorrow.”
In order to instil this recycling practice,Lotus Dairy will be establishing700 of its retailers at various locations as collection centers for the plastic pouches. The retailers will also get incentives including Rs. 10 per kg of plastic pouches collected. Collection centers will have banners explaining how Lotus customers can return empty pouches and earn money. After the collection of packaging, Lotus will sendthem to authorised recyclers to be recycled.
Through this campaign Lotus Dairy is aiming to highlight the currentenvironmental crisis and how plastic has played a major role in leading us to it.

About Lotus:
Lotus Dairy Products Private Limited popularly known as LOTUS DAIRY was established in the year 2001 with a vision to develop an alternative to Government sector dairy plants. Lotus Dairy today has a network of more than 1500 village milk procurement centers and a proud owner of loyalty of more than 1 lakh primary milk producers of Rajasthan and this number is growing every day. Number is growing, because, we have been able to ensure that milk producers receive prices at par with any private or government sector dairy regularly and continuously. Develop a suitable marketing network that ensures and empowers milk producers to get value for their hard work on continual basis.

Lotus Dairy works with a vision to develop an alternative to Government sector dairy plants where processing of milk is controlled by process automation. State-of-the-art technology is adopted to integrate and completely automate all functions to ensure high product quality/reliability and safety. Lotus is a family business and has 40 years of rich experience. Lotus Dairy currently has four plants across Rajasthan, with two plants in Jaipur, one plant in Bikaner and one plant in Manda. At Lotus Dairy, processing of milk is controlled by process automation whereby state-of-the-art technology is adopted to integrate and completely automate all functions to ensure high product quality/reliability and safety. Lotus has a variety of products, including: Ghee, Paneer, Flavoured Milk, DahiLassi, buttermilk and a variety of milk including toned milk, skimmed milk, cow milk etc.


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